Matildas The Matildas and The 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup

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Football not coming home after all ..

Cop that Mad Dog Morgan !

We wouldn’t have got close to Spain

As the semi final result suggested, we are nowhere near the quality of either side.

Worth remembering though that seven Spain players all play for Barcelona. Can't buy that level of familiarity.
Allowing over 14 minutes extra because the ref decided to is so ****ed up.
It was all there, took over 5 mins for the car review, similar for the head knock that wasn't concussion, but might be an unrelated delayed concussion in a few days time.

A million subs and injury delays. Probably short changed by around 5 minutes
Well it didn't go home after All that.
But plenty of Pom's holiday in Spain so might be able to visit the Cup ground to get a view in Madrid if they're Lucky ? :cool:

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90+13 it said.

She went over 14.

The amount shown is always the minimum. The referee still has discretion to go over if he or she feels there have been stoppages during the stoppage time.

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