Society & Culture Things that Make You Feel Old

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 15, 2011
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West Coast
I’m feel done with corporate life. I recently finished a contract and am honestly loving being a stay at home Dad these past few weeks. Doing reading in the morning and tagging along to field trips has been great. Even my wife is about to land a job closer to home because just wasting time commuting and doing something unenjoyable seems a waste.

She’s happy with her move. Unfortunately, a single income for years and years is not really feasible. So in a bit of a mid-life crisis. Ideally I’d love our own business but property is so expensive. Thinking just a similar field but close to home. Not sure if the right thread but just venting.
I’m about to give this a go; six months at home, looking after the kids, relaxing, probably watching too much...


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The Dice Man

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 6, 2005
La Côte d'Azur
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Thanks man. I’m somewhat ****ting bricks to be honest about the whole thing, what may be found and implications going forward. But has to be done and cant bury head in the sand.
It's ok. It's not comfortable but you will get over it.

In the last couple of months I've had a doctor stick his finger in the backend, I've also had to give a semen sample, also had a camera put in my penis... These are things we Men find uncomfortable but are necessary for health.. We're not used to be prodded and probed, but we may live longer if we do these uncomfortable things.

I had all that and scans... Results were perfect health, so I went and got drunk. Every. night.

sh*t your bricks, but its best to know now.

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Space Traveller
May 3, 2001
Sirius - the Dogstar
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Western Bulldogs
I heard the other day that many young Europeans - that's Europeans, not even Australians - have never heard of the Holocaust. They don't teach history in schools anymore, as so much is being, rightly or wrongly, questioned and rewritten.


May 5, 2006
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West Coast
She's 48 soon. I always think of her as younger because she has a young face. And because Married with Children finished over 20 years ago.


Sep 29, 2006
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Christina Applegate is as hot as ever.

Peggy Bundy was ruined for me by Sons of Anarchy
I tried watching SoA but Charlie Hunnam is too pretty to be a bikie and the writers need to be shot or at the very least forced to take a long hard look at themselves.

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