What’s your funniest / best comment on BF that should have got lots of likes but didn’t?

STFU Donnie

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Jul 31, 2012
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From the opposite direction: I posted a genuine question about Brad Scott in a thread a few years ago. I asked if he'd mentioned the roof in his post match presser. I wasn't trying to be a smartarse (for once), but somehow this post garnered 130 likes! My PB. I still don't understand why.


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May 3, 2007
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Some of my comments over the years have been Champagne Comedy.
Can't remember which ones tbh.....

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Bunk Moreland

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Sep 22, 2011
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The one about the norf poster looking Dodoro in the eye after Atley kicked a goal. Apparently they shared a moment and it meant the bombers regretted taking Heppel instead of the “hard at it” “next Judd” Atley.

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At this point I'd like to admit that when Goldy got the little (special) handpass out to Atley (who had run 40m to get to the contest) to dinky kick to Bastinac which eventuated in a game sealing free kick, all of my mates on Lv2 Aisle 7 (in front of the Essendon box) turned and gave it to Hird.

I was unfazed by the Hird riling and turned to Adrian Dodoro, eyeballed him and mouthed the name "Shaun Atley" 3 times. He tried to look away but couldn't manage it and after the third time gave me a nod and a shoulder shrug.

At that point I realised that this was only the first of many times that Adrian would come to regret the decision to draft the uncontested ball user instead of the hungry young kid who sidesteps veteran taggers at will.
Oct 25, 2019
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Can’t speak for myself, but DaveEgoat was pure gold with every post.

Banned for arguably the greatest and funniest troll bender ever seen on Bigfooty. A true genius lost

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