Opinion Which club is Mark Jackson most associated with?

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This sums up his entire career really well.
Genuine natural talent in one aspect of the game, but his extreme selfishness and unreliability made him a liability wherever he played.

I have heard Tony Jewell say that although he kicked goals in his very brief time at St Kilda, he cost the team more than he scored by his refusal to chase his opponent or follow team rules in any way.

He is also the only person I have ever heard say a bad word about Trevor Barker. In fact he once placed a brick under Barker’s brake pedal.

He played at three clubs which were all out of finals at the time, and all either sacked him or were happy to see him go.

Seriously he was about the level of Peter Wright or Ben Brown or maybe Nick Larkey.

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Book club maybe? I remember having this literary masterpiece of his when I was a kid:

I've still got it somewhere. Bloke could play but as others have said bat crap crazy. If he pulled his head in a bit would be a bloody good goal kicking coach

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