List Mgmt. 2021 Draft and Trade Hypotheticals

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Apr 26, 2016
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We need clearance players and it's probably going to happen this year.

We're a team of elite flankers with Kennedy winding down. Warner, Florent and Rowbottom only tick over at about 2 clearances a game
Might be worth considering this:

Warner was in just his second year, has played less than 20 games, and in quite a number of those was not on full-time inside minutes, and when he was it was not in a leading role. So he was never gonna be racking up clearances.

Florent has played mostly outside so of course his clearance numbers are skewed.

Rowbottom was injured this year, and when he was fit last year, his best patch saw him average, in shortened matches, 7.5 clearances across a month, as a then-19 year old. (To put that into perspective, Liberatore, who was ranked first in the comp for clearances this year, averaged 7.6).

Rowbottom also averaged the second-most clearances behind Bailey Smith in his draft year in what was probably the best midfielder draft of the decade.

Not to mention a guy named Callum Mills who averaged just under 5 clearances a game this year in what was only his first year as a mid.

All four of them (maybe not Florent, depending on where he plays) are as well-equipped to be clearance beasts as any kid we draft this year will be. I'm all for picking up a kid who can win a clearance, that's why I'm a big Sonsie fan, but I wouldn't be holding my breath in anticipation they will be better than the young mids we've already got.
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Jun 2, 2014
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The latest on the Tigers looking to trade pick 15

While the Tigers look set to keep pick seven - which will drift back to pick nine after father-son bids - recruiting boss Matthew Clarke said Richmond was open to trading pick 15.

If rival clubs are keen to get up the order the Tigers would be prepared to swap pick 15 with a later pick in the teens as long as the compensation was adequate.

Richmond is open to only taking four picks as they eye stockpiling more selections in a 2022 national draft already laden with key position stocks.
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