Preview AFLW GRAND FINAL: Brisbane Lions v Adelaide Crows, Sat Apr 17, 2pm

Who were your five best players against Adelaide?

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The Lions....AFL's new powerhouse
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Below format for the Grand Final
Note - These are ADELAIDE Times

The AFL wishes to advise the key points on the running sheet for the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final between the Adelaide Crows and the Brisbane Lions at the Adelaide Oval on Saturday, April 17, are as follows.

12.00pm ACST: Adelaide Oval gates open
12.10pm: 2021 Colgate AFLW Grand Final Sprint heats
12:42pm: Welcome to Country
12:50pm: G Flip performance
1:11pm: Umpires enter
1:13pm: Brisbane Lions enter
1:16pm: Adelaide Crows enter
1:24pm: Delivery of the 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Premiership Cup
1:25pm: Australian national anthem performed by Chloe Bremner
1:27pm: Coin toss
1:30pm: 2021 NAB AFL Women’s Grand Final starts
¼ time: Rebel Rookie Challenge
½ time: 2021 Colgate AFLW Grand Final Sprint
¾ time: NAB Kick for Cash
¾ time: Chemist Warehouse Zorb Challenge
3:10pm (approx): Final siren
3:15pm (approx): Post-match presentation
3:40pm (approx): Post-match press conferences on arena

Starting times for those watching around Australia
AWST: 12pm – WA
ACST (local): 1.30pm – SA, NT
My son is playing in the Amatuers at 2pm so will miss it but love seeing my son play. I hope it will be the best replay I watch ever.


The Lions....AFL's new powerhouse
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
We have a very even team, but we don't really have that player who can drag us over the line the way Phillips tends to do when we've played finals previously. That's my biggest concern going in.
Orla steps up and surprises some, but not me, to support her rampaging team mates and the cup is ours. Hmmmmmmmmmm we r proud.

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Bears/Lions hybrid
Oct 6, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams


Club Legend
Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
criteria to be considered including the current season's performance, available resources, player talent and team management
I think that what gets him the prize. If every coach had a Phillips to base their team off....... ;) :) ;)

hehe I'm not salty, just really proud of how Starc has created the team strategy and environment. Admirable stuff, and super deserving of the award.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 29, 2008
Ingle Farm
AFL Club
While as a Lion I think he more than deserves this I must admit I was a little surprised to see that Clarke didn't get it. It amuses me no end of how salty Crows fans must be to see that their coach came 2nd!
I can't speak for other Crows fans, but I'm not salty at all - I have massive respect for Starcevich for having rebuilt your side so well after your initial marquee players deserted you and you were absolutely raided by expansion clubs. I had assumed you guys would struggle for several seasons, and your re-emergence so fast speaks volumes to the culture your club has built. Obviously I'm going to be barracking for the Crows, but if any non-Crows side were to win the flag I'd want it to be the Lions.

This game should be an absolute cracker! My feeling is that the Crows and Brisbane are the two sides which have the greatest sum of talent. They don't rely on a particular structure or game style to win, they just let their players play their natural game. Can't wait!

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