Better #1 Draft Pick - Nick Riewoldt or Luke Hodge

Better #1 Draft Pick - Nick Riewoldt or Luke Hodge

  • Nick Riewoldt

    Votes: 37 52.9%
  • Luke Hodge

    Votes: 33 47.1%

  • Total voters

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Oct 25, 2001
Northern Suburbs
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Haha. No side used fewer players in 09 than St Kilda. Hayes missed 3 games, Milne 2, Ball 5. Pretty much everyone else played 24-25.

Riewoldt and Kosi missed 16 games between them in 2010. Saints used equal fewest players with the Bulldogs.
Now you make a good point, but just to play Devil's Advocate: I think Lyon's game plan ran players ragged and the Saints had a pretty thin list so they went with injured players. In 2010 they were limping and the replay killed them, and the gameplan was "destroy the sport in the first half and try to give the ball to Gilbert in the second half because he's the only player still moving".


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Jul 18, 2012
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He is the second best chf for St Kilda I have seen live & was the best player in his draft year.
Hodge a great player & a brilliant leader, but he wasn't the best player in his draft.
As commentators / special comments men / analysts, the bar is far lower, but Hodge win this time