Review Good vs West Coast, R13 2023

Who played well against West Coast?

  • Chayce Jones

  • Ben Keays

  • Lachlan Murphy

  • Riley Thilthorpe

  • Josh Rachele

  • Rory Sloane

  • Luke Pedlar

  • Jordan Dawson

  • Taylor Walker

  • Jake Soligo

  • Max Michalanney

  • Mitch Hinge

  • Izak Rankine

  • Josh Worrell

  • Ned McHenry (sub)

  • Nick Murray

  • Rory Laird

  • Wayne Milera

  • Darcy Fogarty

  • Brodie Smith

  • Lachlan Sholl

  • Jordon Butts

  • Reilly O'Brien

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Club Legend
Mar 29, 2015
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Hall of Famer
Sep 10, 2004
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Minnesota Vikings
Tex. What a legend. A genuine human - strengths, weaknesses, successes, mistakes. Ultimately a wonderful footballer - a much deserved 10!

Last week I posted that despite frustration we shouldn't go too negative after the Darwin loss, and that it'd be important to not go over the top with praise if we won handsomely today.

And here we are. That was a glorified training drill. But fun to watch.

7W 6L 116% at the bye. Take that? Yep.

Whether we snag a finals spot or just miss, we've got half a season of really important footy for the squad in its trajectory - some good matchups at home, 3 important away games in Melbourne (finally) that are all building blocks.

Still a lot for our coaches to sort out too. Namely, midfield/ruck/CB in general.

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Slippery Pete

Cancel Samcro, FR0GGY, Jackster & George Kramer
Jul 19, 2010
AFL Club
Tex might not be the greatest Crow of all time, but he’s the most loveable Crow of all time. That includes his ability, his personality, his character and his loyalty.

Only the Adelaide board’s biggest knobs will disagree with this.


Premium Platinum
Jul 26, 2018
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West Torrens... I mean WWT
An awesome win. Great 10 goals by Tex on his 250th. On a side note, not that WC are in the top 5, but we have won 3 against the top 5, as it sits...with one narrow loss against the Pies and a win to come, hopefully against the Dees.