Speculation Liam Duggan

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Sweet Jesus

Brownlow Medallist
Dec 20, 2014
Hong Kong
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West Coast
He is a mature bodied mid/def that can use the ball well and I'm expecting Carlton to want someone to replace their midfielder. And they will ask for Allen first, to which the Eagles will laugh and walk out.
You assume WC will be chasing Cripps?

Even then, Duggan on his own wouldn't come close to getting it done.

WC's problem is that they can't trade this year's first-rounder or next year's first-rounder. They'd need to get another first-rounder from somewhere and then probably package it with a player.

Even then, is that definitely an improvement on the FA compensation available to Carlton if they finish 12th or 13th?

I'd be very surprised if Cripps ends up at WC.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 21, 2008
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West Coast
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East Perth
Liam Duggan wont be traded now, looked as our next captain.
Could be named captain next year and allow Shuey to concentrate on playing


Senior List
Apr 4, 2021
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West Coast
I'm expecting Duggan to form part of the WCE trade for Cripps.
Cripps is cooked . He is only going to get slower and more banged up .

Rather keep duggan . Brilliant 1 on 1 hard nosed defender who is already a leader in our backline and probably our next captain .

Also a bloody good kick who suits our game style .

He was a massive dogs fan and had ties to the club pre draft so the other posters "info" on him wanting to go to Geelong sounds 🐂💩

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