NBA Week 10 - The Agony of Choice

Who will win the Pacific Division?

  • Golden State's $400 million payroll ought to get it done

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  • The Clippers' four future Hall of Famers might be able to manage a Div title

    Votes: 5 100.0%
  • The Lakers will get another pointless banner to hang next to the IST one

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  • Having three scorers who will each be making $50 mil per makes Phoenix a shoo-in

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  • You can trust the Kangz to be lighting the beam come April

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Monster stretch of games for Luka without Kyrie. As well as the offensive load, he’s been playing very well on defence this year. Much less bitching and making to the refs as well - seems having a kid has brought some maturity. Hard to believe he’s only 24.
Not by enough to move the needle for them nor do I think OG will be worth the absurd contract he gets next. I feel Quickley is a bigger loss then they realise as without him they dont have enough points from the bench

You said you hated the fit of Anunoby on the Knicks - not really sure why? As multiple posters have noted, he fits better than Barrett.

Agreed that they'll miss Quickley, but he and Anunoby are in the same boat re. being in line for lucrative extensions. We'll have to see whom if anyone gets overpaid at the end of this, but that part of it seems more likely to end up net neutral if anything.

One thing the move does do is rule them out of any big moves without moving Randle

Not necessarily.

They can trade Hart + Fournier's expiring contract for example, and add multiple picks. Those two contracts can bring back over $33 million in salary in Feb, and over $37 mil if they deal in June.

It's one reason why you can't rush to judgement on the Anunoby trade. I don't think it makes them a contender either, but if they're able to turn their extra picks and miscellaneous contracts into another bona fide scorer, then they might really get somewhere.

Donovan Mitchell is the one who keeps getting linked, although that might just be lazy journalism. There are other options - Dejonte Murray, Jerami Grant and Kyle Kuzma off the top of my head.
THank you to all who participated in all of the weekly, off season, draft and team threads. May this long continue

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