Rumour Rhyce Shaw in Hospital, won’t coach again: NO Trolling, cheap shots, or jokes will be Tolerated

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May 27, 2007
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Final Warning: No trolling please.

Info for journalists but it is a good read for people publishing posts on this platform:
Communicating about a person with mental ill-health
Communicating about an individual experiencing mental ill-health sensitively and accurately can change public misconceptions, challenge myths and encourage community discussion about the issue.
Safe and accurate discussion about a person with mental ill-health plays a huge role in demystifying negative stereotypes while alleviating harm for those vulnerable.
Consider whether referencing mental ill-health is relevant
  • has it been confirmed by official sources that the person has been diagnosed with a mental illness? Are your sources reliable? Information you have received from a witness, neighbour or first responder to an incident may be inaccurate. Speculation about someone's mental health status contributes to stigma and discrimination.
  • media guidelines and codes of ethics emphasise the right to privacy. Consider whether there may be consequences for the person's health and wellbeing if you disclose their mental illness.
Check that the representation of mental illness is fair and balanced
  • ensure that your story does not exaggerate a person's illness or the effect mental ill-health has on their behaviour or life
  • mentioning the person's mental illness in the headline or lead can sensationalise the illness and reinforce stigma
  • using photos or images that unnecessarily show people with mental ill-health looking dishevelled or otherwise 'different' can perpetuate stereotypes
  • seek expert comment or advice about the specific illness being represented
Consider how to present information from police and courts
Australian research has shown that the most problematic type of news coverage about mental ill-health results from information collected at court or from a police incident.
  • many stories focus on violence and relate to specific and relatively rare circumstances. However, audiences are likely to make generalisations about people with mental ill-health as a result of the coverage
  • check the relevance of mental ill-health to the story. Report only where an illness has been confirmed by official sources.
  • take care not to imply that a specific mental illness was a factor in a story unless confirmed. Assuming that certain behaviours are associated with mental ill-health is often inaccurate and can perpetuate stigma
  • the way a police or court incident is reported may contribute to the perceived link between mental ill-health and violence. Research indicates that most people with a diagnosed mental illness have no history of violent behaviour and are more likely to be victims of violence
  • media can help community understand by providing context surrounding an incident involving a person with mental ill-health. For example, where violence occurs it is often in the context of drug use, distressing hallucinations, a lack of treatment, or treatment that may not have been effective.
Interviewing people living with mental ill-health
Sharing stories of people that have experienced mental illness can increase awareness, reduce stigma and promote hope. When interviewing a person with lived experience of mental ill-health, do so sensitivity and with discretion. While many people are happy to speak to the media, it can be difficult to talk publicly about a deeply personal issue.
Where possible, source someone who is supported to speak to the media. Many mental health organisations can now facilitate access to people living with mental ill-health, or their carers.
Be cautious about engaging with potential sources through social media as it can be difficult to tell someone's age or whether they are able to provide informed consent to participate in an interview.
Ensure there are no legal restrictions on interviewing or reporting about someone living with mental ill-health
Reporting on a celebrity's mental illness
If positively framed, stories about celebrities or public figures living with mental ill-health can be a powerful tool in breaking down stigma associated with particular illnesses and can encourage others to seek help.
Celebrity stories can also trivialise the seriousness of mental ill-health by presenting it as entertainment or gossip.
Before reporting, consider the reliability of your source and the language and images you use.
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Aug 13, 2018
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I don’t reckon Knights will be a senior coach at AFL level ever again.
Voss not interested apparently?

North forum are saying Jarrad Schofield or Choco Williams.

So one of Kingsley, Schofield and/or Choco.

If i had to bet on it id say Adam Kingsley.
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Jul 24, 2012
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Voss not interested apparently?

North forum are saying Jarrad Schofield or Choco Williams.

So one of Kingsley, Schofield and/or Choco.

If i had to bet on it id say Adam Kingsley.
I was wondering if it might be a bad move for someone like Voss to take on a job that will clearly be a tough gig.
I know Ken Hinkley took on Port at a low point for the club but they had talent.
Hinkley was older and had missed out on lots of opportunities prior and probably wasn’t going to get too many more.
I’m not sure that taking on a club at rock bottom will suit someone like Voss who wants to prove he’s learnt second time around and would expect another chance even if he passes this one up.

captain cotch 9

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Dec 5, 2012
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I think an experienced AFL person is a must. I say person becuase someone like Fagan would be perfect.
Ditching the shin boner spirit may be the first step.
It’s a faux tough guy attitude imo. Irrelevant today imo

Hollow Knight

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May 3, 2005
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If the rumours about some of his assistants basically protesting on the job and leaving him to carry the can are true, I hope there is a unified agreement across the competition that they never work again at the top level.


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Sep 8, 2010
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Rhyce Shaw’s impact on the club has been profound.

Speak to those in and around the Suns and Shaw’s performance as Head of Development since joining in 2021 could well stamp him as the best recruit Stuart Dew has made in his time at the helm, both on and off-field.

Dew worked with Shaw during the pair’s time at Sydney Swans and, once the latter departed North Melbourne as senior coach due to personal reasons near the close of 2020, Dew pushed hard to recruit his former colleague.

“It’s just story after story of players going to him for advice on hand balling, life or whatever it is. People would then go, ‘gee, if I go elsewhere do I have Rhyce Shaw with me?’ That’s being a bit dramatic on him but you probably can’t overstate the importance of him to our footy club.”

Good on ya Shawry

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The Filth Wizard

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Jul 26, 2007
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Possibly Yze?

I think you may have dodged a bullet there too.

I don't think so on Yze but I could be wrong for sure. I remember people talking about Voss, Kingsley and Jaymie Graham, IIRC the latter was tempted to interview but pulled out, the first two flat out said no.


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Jun 4, 2013
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North Melbourne
Someone on our board has been fairly adamant Yze wanted nothing to do with us 🤷‍♂️
Take it with a grain and all, but yeah.


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Mar 16, 2007
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Noble had been desperate to coach for a long time. His name would be raised by his media mates like Bickley as a left field candidate that clubs should consider. It didn't happen by accident.
And Leonardo Dicaprio was pretty happy when his mate and him won those tickets on the Titanic.

People can make terrible mistakes.

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