Live Event Sydney Swans Bob Skilton Medal 2023 Thursday 5th Oct @ 6:30pm

Who wins Barry Round Best Clubman

  • Hayden McLean

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • Will Hayward

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • Ollie Florent

    Votes: 1 6.7%
  • James Rowbottom

    Votes: 6 40.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Always enjoy Horse when he allows the droll humour to shine through. The story of Brownlow night with his youngest kid as Errol threatened a win was bloody funny.

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Unpopular opinion: Downhearted is a better song than Errol
Errol not in top 5 Aussie Crawl sings so opinion more popular than you think. I predict Errol will become as derided as Sweet Caroline.

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Oct 18, 2005
AFL Club
Now school children, please return to your seats! And shhhhhhhhh (sorry couldn’t help myself 🤷‍♂️)
Trust me when I say telling the kids to shhhhhhh is top 3 in the worst possible strategies to bring the volume down in the classroom. It's a trigger of mine.