The Primetime Pricey Memorial Thread for unrepentant gamblers, Part 18

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Oct 14, 2011
living rent free
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Dubs, United
Disagree with this. Sac have a history of playing some decent ball through the 90's (White Chocolate & Webber) and I wouldn't like seeing them go.

Expansion the only way it'll happen.
Talking through our pockets a bit after that shitshow they put on yesterday. But they are irrelevant campaigners I don’t care for

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Jan 31, 2012
patterson lakes
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Boston Celtics
Good call. Thought I had jinxed it for you for sure after I took mine and gave it the “gift” tag
Was always wary with Stef shooting like a busted a-hole & they could never quite put them away. Left a few hundy on the table in the end....ah well.

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