What They're Saying - The Bulldogs Media Thread - Part 3

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Sep 7, 2015
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Western Bulldogs
At least we are looking outside the club!

Must be Bevo's Hawthorn connection .
To be honest I'm getting a bit sick of recruiting Bevo's Hawthorn mates. I've heard that he actually tried to recruit some of his St Bede's mates too but the board wouldn't sign off on it.

Oliver Gigacz

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May 14, 2009
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Western Bulldogs
Melbourne and Western Bulldogs players almost came to blows in a Perth nightclub two days after the AFL grand final, according to premiership Hawk Campbell Brown.

Speaking on the Herald Sun’s Browny’s Podcast, Brown said it was his understanding that the Bulldogs were not happy at the Demons players singing and dancing to ‘Freed from Desire’ on the Perth Stadium turf hours after their grand final win.

This was seen as them poking fun at the Dogs, after a video leaked of Bulldogs players dancing to the same song in the rooms following their preliminary final victory over Port Adelaide.

Brown said he’d been told tensions reached boiling point after the two teams arrived at the same nightspot a few days later.

“On the Monday or Tuesday night, the Doggies players had gone to this nightclub and the ground floor was general admission, they (the Dogs) had booked level two and level three was not open because it was a Monday night,” Brown said on the podcast.

“So, the Melbourne boys had had a few and they were feeling OK … so the boys gathered the troops and went to this club and they got there.

“Management say: ‘Boys, it’s great to have you here and we’ll accommodate you but the Dogs have got level two so you’re going to have to meander here with the general admission.’

“So one of the boys took some initiative and took some cash out, $10,000, and said to management: ‘Mate, here’s 10K, you open the top level.’”

Brown said that was when it got heated, after ‘Freed from desire’ started to play on the Demons’ level.

“Security escorts them straight up, so now they’re on level three, the Doggies are on level two and remember, they hate each other and they’re hanging over the rails and giving it to the Doggies boys,” Brown said.

“It’s getting real heated, real personal and then they play that song again above them, and it gets to the point where players want to come to blows.

“They’re talking about it, (saying things like) ‘You come down, we’ll come up, we’re going to fight you, we’ll meet you halfway.’

“It would have been unbelievable and imagine that, the two teams that played the grand final on the Saturday punching on at a club on the Monday.

“It didn’t come to blows because a player from Melbourne and a player from the Western Bulldogs, who are best mates and used to live together and may still do, they met halfway between level two and three on safe ground, and negotiated a peace treaty that saved these two clubs coming to blows.

“That’s my mail on the ground in Perth and it’s factually correct.”

The alleged incident should add plenty of spice the next time the two clubs meet, which could come as soon as in Round 1 at the MCG next year following a request from the Demons.

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Optimistic Dog

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Oct 11, 2014
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Western Bulldogs
Will will be interesting to see who will the face of the dogs 2022 season and membership drive. Will it be the captain who just seems Mr Perfect in everyway on field and off field or they go with Bailey with his good looks, mullett and Hollywood profile likely to sell more memberships especially with potential young new members.


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Mar 2, 2007
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That rock you were living under between 2012 and 2020 where you made a total of 18 posts must have hit you in the head pretty bad. This is evidenced by the 128 uninspiring, nonsense posts you have made since transitioning from a Hermet to a special being after Melbourne finally had some success.
Just shows some people have little going on in their lives.

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