2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 1 England v New Zealand 5/10 1900hrs @ Narendra Modi Stadium

Who will win?

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England maybe a bit arrogant, they struggled to beat Bangladesh in their warm up game while we had good wins against Pakistan and SA.

Most people picked them to beat us but we went in with better recent form, I still wouldn't write off England though, a long way to go yet.
Its not fair that New Zealand get imports playing/working for them.

Luke Ronchi, Ravindra, Conway..........it makes them instantly a better side.

check your facts bro

Ravindra was born in Wellington which is like you know the capital city of NZ
Ronchi also born in NZ

Conway emigrated to NZ like thousands of other South Africans and did a 3 year stand down..hardly instant
After England's extraordinary win in the moral Ashes, this result threatens to derail their chances in the moral World Cup :).
i mean, the poms all reached double figures. that feels like a win to me #moralworldcup