VFLW Senior #41: Courtney Ugle (Co-Captain) - Returns to the captaincy in 2023 - 14/3

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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 13, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth Glory W-League
Video on Courtney Ugle. Hers is a pretty inspiring story, and where she is, considering her background is testament to her strength of character and that of her siblings. Most people with her sort of back story end up in a very dark place.

For those thinking its a puff piece, a short synopsis. Grew up in country WA, dad died when she was young, and her mother became an alcoholic and drug addict. Kids in the family basically had to look after themselves and raise themselves. Mother was then murdered by her drug addict partner.

While this was occurring, Courtney got herself through school, into the WA state junior footy rep sides, where she was eventually a state captain, before eventually being offered a position and spot by Essendon. Based on best player lists so far this year, must be a good chance of an AFLW spot.


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Jumper presentation with the 150 years heritage logo 😏


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