Preview Changes vs Cats in the Semi Final

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Premiership Player
Apr 5, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Eagles had training session at mcg and media were present. Would have heard if there were any absentees.
Yeah unless something has happened to someone in the last 24 hours then surely they would have flown Petch over with the team yesterday. Would have made for a better cover.

A more believable rumour would have been Hurn out for Duggan, seeing as the latter played WAFL, didn't play well and Hurn was reported sore before.

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Club Legend
Apr 12, 2008
Down South
AFL Club
West Coast
That's terrible news. Talking about big news on SEN. He is not our best player but very important. What will this do to the team? So sad for Willie, he's such a good story.

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