How many wins do you expect (hope) from your team in the first 4 games

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And they don't get the benefit of catching teams on an "off" week this season.

Every week now, every single team will be revved up to play the reigning Premiers.

Its hard to win it, it's TWICE as hard to defend it because everyone gets to plan their entire off season directly on their gameplan and "how to beat them/stop them"

That's how we get innovation in game plans over the years.

- Doggies did Super flood in 2000 to defeat the Dons

- Lions with Leigh were one of the most physically dominating teams ever which relied on one on ones to win matchups which has come full circle and is starting to be used in.

- Richmond's "push it forward at all costs" that both Geelong (Shaun Grigg) and Pies (Craig McRae and Leppa) have taken and used.

I'm excited to see what grows out of it and who innovates the game next.

The push it forward at all costs was taken from the Lions 01 to 04 game plan.

They did it first and Richmond added it into thier system.

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