Opinion Our history is our trump card, throwing it away will guarantee longterm failure.

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Jun 21, 2019
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There is not much more to say.

We attract the people who are attracted to the romance and mythology of history and tradition.

Take away tradition and who else will be attracted to us?
Take away tradition and you will alienate the existing supporters.
Take away tradition and we are just a franchise. Why would I give money to a franchise?

Tradition doesn't mean staying in the SANFL. Tradition means our senior team carrying the traditions of the senior team that got us into the AFL in the first place. Tradition means protecting the things that differentiate us from other non–Victorian clubs.

People like David Koch belittling and dismissing our history are setting the club up to fail. People like David Koch are throwing away our trump card.
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Enviable Tradition

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Oct 12, 2007
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Port Adelaide
Our history is about much more than attracting fans.

It is about pride.
It is about standards.
It is about expectations.
It is about accountability.
It is about a model for success that works time and again in many different eras.
It is about having something to play for that is bigger than yourself.
It is about having a long term vision for the club that extends beyond your own minor contributions.

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May 27, 2004
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Port Adelaide
To be fair to the club, we've been doing that for a good decade now.
Sure, the OnePAFC, recognition of our pre-1997 success and the 2014 EF was great but then the change in club motto, Tom Jonas in a full teal guernsey, co-captains, the pervasive lowering of expectations and the general drift away from traditional PAFC mindset has been terminal. In the last few years the club has increasingly felt like more of a generic franchise than a traditional club. That's killing our point of difference and what makes us unique.


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Mar 9, 2003
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Port Adelaide should focus more on "Port Adelaide" and less on "Power". Has always been the way. I wouldn't mind if "Power" was canned altogether and we were just Port Adelaide.
Jarrod Walsh giving it “Power fans!” every three seconds during the Bulldogs debacle was fitting.


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Jun 19, 2005
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As much as I agree with this, how many of these threads do we need? There a multiple active threads where this post could fit nicely.
People at the club are taking notice of what is being posted on this board. I've even heard Dwayne Russell referencing "Big Footy" a couple of times recently.

No, these things should be as visible as possible, not hidden away in a thread with a bunch of Janus tl:dr posts clogging the airwaves.

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