Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 18

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Steve Dore

International Trade Facilitator
Aug 30, 2004
driving a straddle carrier
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Port Adelaide
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Minnesota Vikings, Canadiens, Ports
I don't mind this guy and his passion to be honest.

I reckon this tweet from him is even better:

Wanting the crows to wear a heritage jumper to remember AAMI stadium.

Where can I sign up?
"... a playing jumpers with vertical pylons celebrating the jetties and pontoons of West Lakes ..."

There are no jetties at West Lakes, only pontoons which are horizontal not vertical. So the Camry Crows' hoops are celebrating the pontoons of West Lakes.

Maybe a Jetty Surf at West Lakes Mall has him confused.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 17, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I dont get this stuff at all.

Reality is that if you step back from all this, and remove bias...

Last year Adelaide were one of the most embarrassingly bad spoon winners this century. Their pass mark for progress for 2021 was 5 wins. 6 wins gets a B+, anything over 6 would be a massive overperformance and turn around.

Currently we are only 7 rounds in and they have already won 3 games (albeit one with a fair bit of umpiring assistance). As much as I hate to say it they should be ecstatic with where they are right now, not just scoring 3 wins, but also being competitive and pushing decent clubs.

To be disappointed now given where they were at 12 months ago would be utterly delusional, yet it seems thats the message from many. Bizarre stuff.

Port 2004

Club Legend
Jun 27, 2012
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Port Adelaide
It’s a bit waking up today knowing we just can’t cut it can we, we won’t win a flag under Ken.
Probably not. But it is not only Kens fault. We have senior players who are not leaders and who cannot stand up when it counts. These same guys have been letting us down for years. And I don’t care if Ken leaves either. Sick to death of the known outcomes before we play certain opposition.

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Flick pass expert
Nov 16, 2004
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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The Mighty Blacks
2021 Melb 7-0
2020 Port 4-0 finished 1st on 14-3 lost PF
2019 Bris 3-0 finished 2nd on 16-6 lost SF + Gee 3-0 finished 1st on 16-6 lost PF
2018 Port 3-0 finished 10th on 12-10
2017 Adel 6-0 finished 1st on 15-1-6 lost GF
2016 Norf 9-0 finished 8th on 12-10 lost EF
2015 Freo 9-0 finished 1st on 17-5 lost PF
2014 Gee 5-0 finished 3rd on 17-5 lost SF out in straight sets
2013 Gee 7-0 finished 2nd on 18-4 lost PF
2012 WCE 6-0 finished 5th on 15-7 lost SF
2011 Gee 13-0 finished 2nd on 19-3 won GF
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