Autopsy Roos lose to the Dogs - Round 5, 2020

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the flying ham

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Dec 12, 2006
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North Melbourne
Out - Cunnington (inj) Higgins (inj) Hall

Should also be out - Xerri (stiff but makes way for Daw), Anderson (absolute momentum killing disposal, can't win if you keep handing it to the opposition in the corridor), Zurhaar (poor form, his direct opponent 2 weeks running has zoned off at will)

Positives - Goldy, CT, Kyron, LMac another scalp.

Shaw - poor selection again.

Daw must come in. Give Bailey another run.

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Feb 16, 2020
AFL Club
North Melbourne
So round 2 was more of how sh*t the giants were? Because other than that second half of both that and the Saints game we have been garbage.

Can't believe how bleak it feels after 3 weeks. Still excited about our kids, but the current core won't be around for long to help them.

Ziebs, cunners approaching 30 with pretty beat up bodies, Higgo, Goldy and Tarrant all 32. Like it or not we have to rebuild/reboot again soon while Simpkin, Zurharr, Thomas are still young.
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