VFL Game Day Round 11: Essendon vs North, Hangar, Sunday 04/06/23 @ 1:35 PM

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Only saw the first half and about 10 minutes of the third quarter. Have to say we could have won this game easily but the focus clearly was on development and fitness from what I saw. They pretty much sacrificed the game to play a few blokes in different spots at times. Watched a bit of the game with Eth. Think we agreed on most things.

Tsatas. Nice first up game spread across the wing and in the middle. Did what he had to. 0 tackles was the only thing I could knock. 6 clearances from not a lot of midfield time was good.

Cox. Starting positions where wing / midfield / Back but in general play he set up with the back 6 so he pretty much played defense . Solid defensive work . Plenty of marks. Did virtually nothing at the center bounces.

Hayes . Does most things well. Just waiting for his body to develop a bit.

Bryan . Usual VFL game for him. Has all the tools. Just needs to get stronger and maybe a bit of white line fever.

Baldwin. Great. Dare I say it as a defender he is a level above VFL. He should be getting a chance at AFL level. He could be the answer to our FB question. Uses the ball well.

Lord. Playing a lot better footy.

Kelly. Thought he was good apart from a couple of early mistakes and telling the umpire that he did not think his decisions where all that great.

Davey Jnr - quiet day. Maybe playing small forward in the VFL is harder than it looks. Sometimes the VFL forwards who are doing the right thing by showing desperation just get in the way.

Voss - Problem is he can not jump and his pace is not great so he can find it hard to get separation. Ended up at half back at one stage. 7 tackles was good.

Wanganeen. 11 first quarter possessions. Controlled the midfield . Best I have seen him play by a long way. Faded out after that as his endurance is well below midfield but it was a really good sign that he could slot into a small forward spot and do something at AFL level with a better structure. Was really pleased to see him play so well.

McBride . Was okay . I am with Eth. Needs to play forward so we can get one last look.

Walla . Was up and about early playing midfield. Faded a bit but it was a decent hit out and he did some good things.

Munkara - Finding a bit more of the footy which is good. Has a bit to go on his defensive side. he can get lost in the play easily and sides are taking advantage of it a bit. He is going in the right direction but it is a slow burn.

Hunter - As Eth mentioned he found the congested VFL style game a bit of a challenge. Made plenty of leads but ran into a lot of traffic including out own blokes cutting him off. Like his size and the way he moves.

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