Autopsy Round 17 2022 – Port Adelaide vs GWS Giants, Saturday July 9, 7.30PM AEST, Adelaide Oval

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  • Land of the Giants

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    Sep 6, 2012
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    There was a lot to like about the way we went about beating the Hawks in pretty poor conditions yesterday. Early on it was an arm wrestle, but you could sense we were gaining confidence and we won comfortably in the end. Best of all there were no new injuries.

    Callum Brown was hungry and provided real spark up front, something we haven’t had there for a while, and with four goals it’s hard to believe Keeffe would have done better. Hogan performed well given the conditions and Coniglio continued his rich vein of form. Davis proved he still has something to offer and it was great to see Lloyd kick a goal on return. Overall, a pleasing team effort.

    I think Saturday against the Power in Adelaide will be a ripping contest. They are chasing finals and have something to play for, so this will be a fair indication of where we stand. With everyone settling down, we seem a much happier unit than has been the case for a while.

    We have some real choices if we want to change the line-up. Preuss is available after suspension so will likely replace Flynn. Hopper made a successful return from injury in the VFL with 18 touches and a goal, so will probably come back at the expense of XOH, or maybe Bruhn. I think Riccardi or Peatling might come back in place of Haynes, who's horribly out of form no matter where he plays.

    Port goes into this as heavy favourites, but I think it’s going to be much, much closer than that, and no-one should be surprised if there’s an upset.

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  • Giant Strides

    Nov 23, 2015
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    Gameday ... anyone in Adelaide with a weather update? BOM forecast says a slight chance of rain until early evening, so hopefully dry for the game so we can bring our recently returned running game to the fore.

    ADL wx.png

    I'm unhappy about Keeffe coming back in and Haynes staying - don't know how that will play out as to who plays in defence in place of Idun. We might put Keeffe to Dixon when he goes forward, Taylor & HH to 2 out of Georgiades/Marshall/Finlayson so I guess it works with no-one really doing the Idun role; smalls & mediums (Ash/Cumming/Wehr) to their small brigade (Gray/Butters/SPP).

    Port v GWS.png

    I'd love to knock off Port at home - they haven't been great this year so are vulnerable; but of course, we've been pretty poor - so can McVeigh produce a gameplan capable of knocking them off at home.

    Go GIANTS!
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  • Hendo_21

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    Aug 14, 2021
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    That first half was quite rough to watch but thought in the second half they played a bit better just could not convert in front of goal ruined our chances of closing the gap

    1. Another good game for Ash overall I thought but man does he have some kicks that are just brutal, few times just made some bad decisions with the ball interupted the chain for us.
    2. Cogs was great not much else needs to be said
    3. Feels like everything touching Hogan's right now is being marked, but still don't feel very confident when he's lining up for goals not sure what it is but don't have the same confidence in him that I have with other goal kickers we have. He played really well and outside of him there was pretty much nothing to kick to last night i50.
    4. Whitfield was mostly unsighted last night, been in good form since coming back from the ankle injury but this was his first really quiet one
    5. What a shame for Phil, likely the end of his career and that's the way he goes out. One of the best KPD in the competition for a long time and going to be a legend at our club just a shame his body couldn't hold up.
    6. Brown caught lightning in a bottle last week but he's not an AFL standard player
    7. Another quiet one for Bruhn, think the last good game he had was that one against North but just can't get his hands on it atm
    8. Thought Taranto played quite well, 13 contested limited the turnovers but still has some average kicking mixed in. One of our better on the night.
    9. Ball movement was pretty Leon Cameron-ish in the first half a lot of dump kicks down the line that didn't lead to much

    Disapointing game the first time I've felt like this after a loss under McVeigh just didn't have it last night. Brisbane at Manuka next week will be another touch matchup for us at home.

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