VFL Game Day Round 19: Essendon vs North Melbourne, Windy Hill, Sunday 31/07/2022 @ 12:05 PM

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Okay, my player assessment:

#10 Aaron Francis: Has two games left at Essendon given the VFL bye last round and played like it. Disinterested.
#12 Tom Cutler: Got plenty of the ball but it was mostly cheapies and wasn't overly damaging, feels like he knows he's gone next year.
#18 Michael Hurley: Still not quite there yet but competed well. Hoping to see him in round 22/23 in the AFL.
#24 Nick Bryan: BOG for the AFL players. He dominated Edwards and Monkhorst, which he really should be doing anyway. Want to see him in the AFL next week but not sure how we do that.
#26 Kaine Baldwin: A quiet return from injury but still kicked a couple of goals as well as some strong marks. Calf injury really robbed him of any chance late in the year.
#28 Alastair Lord: Wouldn't be surprised to see him rested soon, has looked tired the last couple of games.
#31 Zach Reid: Got better as the game wore on. Was really good defensively and took a few intercept marks as well. I'd like to see him bite more off with his kicking soon.
#32 Josh Eyre: Solid defensive game but didn't really get a lot of the ball, think he has to play defence rather than forward from here.
#33 Brayden Ham: Had 21 touches but needs to kick more at this level where he has a lot more penetration than most.
#36 Garrett McDonagh: Okay game. Got into a few good positions but he really should be impacting the game with his kicking more.
#38 Cody Brand: Can't say I noticed him that much offensively or defensively so must have been a pretty decent game for the latter part.
#39 Patrick Voss: Good hands, tackles hard, and a set shot routine that is as good as anyone's at the club.
#41 Cian McBride: Was solid as the second ruck, but isn't finding the ball that much when playing defence anymore.
$45 Alec Waterman: It looked like he felt the pressure to launch from 50 a few times and blazed accordingly. Not a good game unfortunately.
#49 Tom Hird: He's struggled on a wing the last couple of months. I'm on the fence about whether or not he gets another Cat B contract right now.

Overall we were comfortably better for most of the day. Brad Bernacki had a great game as a VFL lister, as did Stefan Rasinac

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