Preview Round 7 v GWS at Henson Park

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Apr 29, 2008
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Are there limits in place like they did with the men's expansion? I've not taken much interest as we haven't lost anyone to expansion that we wanted to keep.

There will be limits but like everything else AFL, they will be decided on an adhoc basis to achieve an aim rather than on the basis of consistency or fairness.


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Nov 24, 2003
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I have Eloise Jones as more at risk. Where Port can offer something that the Crows haven't as an inside midfielder. Two Key Defenders to consider are Amber Ward WCE and Bella Smith Collingwood.
Just as an aside and means little these days, but Eloise was a Port supporter prior to joining the Crows. Would love to see her at Port, but have enjoyed watching her play for you guys.

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