The Hill Brothers

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Dec 9, 2018
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Fck brad off, and his hawthorn ego with him. Missus has him by the balls anyway. Hate to see SHill go but he hasn’t been at his peak for over 2 years. And take your mate on the other wing - Langdon - that bloke ***** up early scoring opportunities that killed any momentum we had.

There’s 3 solid late firsts / mid second round picks - plenty of good WA kids in the draft who I’d be happy to get.

And this isn’t me protecting Ross - he can *** off also.

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At which point do you accept it's probably not every single player in the AFL that's at fault, it's just 1 terrible coach?


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Oct 5, 2004
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So why such anger towards players who simply feel the same way about the coach as you do?
Brad Hill's GF wants to go to Victoria, S Hill wants much more $$ than Freo are offering, and Langdon is Victorian.

You're drawing a long bow to suggest the 3 of them may leave because they don't get along with Ross.

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