Game Day Tokyo Paralympics 2020 / 1

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May 20, 2012
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North Melbourne
So. Here we are. Just watching 10 news sports with Quarters our softball girls kick off Wednesday, even before official opening ceremony Friday.

Got mates in Tokyo and Nagoya who are quite adamant they don't want them. Seems 80% of the population agree with them. Have a feeling we might be the same if they were being held here. Yes ?

Hopefully there is no variant brewing in the village.

Seems a bit pointless without the crowds, colour and noise.

Just something extra to watch during lockdown ?
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Jan 16, 2004
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North Melbourne
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Storm - Victory
I had to laugh - there was Anastasias presser in Tokyo saying how it all hinges on their presentation on Wednesday and they had to move on now and prepare. Please stop taking us for idiots - YOU ARE THE ONLY PLAYER IN THE GAME. You have it! The winner is - Brizzy bane. Don't take us for fools.

Mind you I don't mind her being there with the other key folk inc Lord Mayor and Fed Sports Minister. Just don't create the crap around the visit pretending there is competition in the bids and you have to be there to try and win the bid.

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