5th Ashes Test England v Australia July 27-31 1930hrs @ The Oval

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Indeed he did because it was a much harder ball and swinging and seaming from the get go. The umpires completely stuffed this up and should have realised their mistake and changed the ball before play on the 5th morning.

it was a **** up but in reality in the cold light of day, at one point we needed 120 with 7 wickets in hand. We absolutely bottled it.

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it was a * up but in reality in the cold light of day, at one point we needed 120 with 7 wickets in hand. We absolutely bottled it.

Still think we did great job batting last, chases that big are almost impossible for a reason where we ****ed up was first two days dropping 5 catches day one cost us test as did ordinary batting in easier day 2 conditions we take care of business first two days we arent relying on external issue like that ball change.

Travis Head

Steve Smith

So it came out it was true, the Poms were pieces of shit who didn't want to drink with the Aussies
You mean like how they amended the rules afterwards?

I cannot fathom how people are still bitching about this.

I suppose you were applying for a job during that series making sure the Aussies’ Gatorade was sugar free so it couldn’t impact their saliva?
You can’t fathom the constant bitching?
I can’t fathom how I’m reading page after page of grown men crying, interspersed with people calling the English a bunch of sooks.
I’m familiar with Tresco’s book.

Teams have always had players assigned to work on the ball. Warne was known for it. Players have always chewed gum as a means of making sure they have spit. Who the hell cares.
We do.

If we didn't, would we have suspended our two best bats for ball tampering?
Just when I thought I couldn't love MM any more

Alex Carey Jonny Bairstow stumping: Inside Lord’s lunch room during Ashes drama​

Australia’s players have lifted the lid on the tense aftermath of Alex Carey’s controversial Ashes stumping of Jonny Bairstow.
In an interview with The Grade Cricketer, Mitch Marsh, Travis Head, Marnus Labuschagne, Usman Khawaja and Steve Smith described the tense — and at times hilarious — scenes in the Lord’s lunch room after Carey threw down the stumps when Bairstow left his crease.

Labuschagne said Bairstow was “absolutely steaming” and eventually asked the Australians: “are you guys happy with that?”

David Warner’s reply was “yeah, very”, which hardly did anything to lighten the mood.

It also didn’t help that UK broadcaster Sky Sports continued to show the controversial incident on loop so it was beamed into the lunch room for players to watch.

“The Sky crew knew that Jonny was in there and they just replayed it on the screen. And as you do, everyone’s watching,” Labuschagne said.

“Obviously seeing us all watch, he’s like ‘are you guys happy with that?’

“Dave Warner’s spitting out his chicken and goes, ‘yeah, very’. The only word said.”

Khawaja picks up the story: “All of them had food in front of them, except Jonny Bairstow. I was thinking that’s a little bit off,” he said.

All-rounder Mitch Marsh said he struggled to contain himself.

“Remember at school when the teacher tells you off and and you shouldn’t be laughing? Well, I was trying to eat my soup,” Marsh said.

“So if you can imagine, I’m eating my soup and I’m shaking like this and I’m like just trying to look down and then I look up at Jonny and I had pumpkin soup coming down my whites.”

Marsh said he was convinced at least “a few” English players were laughing as the drama unfolded.

Khawaja added: “I walked out with a couple of the English boys and they were giggling. He still hasn’t eaten anything. He sat the whole time. I finished up and left and Jonny hadn’t touched anything.

The stumping off pace bowler Cameron Green helped Australia seal a fifth-day victory at Lord’s and take a 2-0 lead in the Ashes.

The incident was fiercely-debated around the world but Carey later said he would stump Bairstow again if given the opportunity.

Carey later said: “We got some pretty instant feedback. It‘s one of those things where a stumping that’s given out on field is turned into a massive story. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion and absolutely respect that. And then everyone’s entitled to their opinion on the spirit of cricket as well.”
bairstow is a clown who cost his side the ashes in first few games and the english media are a joke.

Im glad aussies are treating this as the laugh it is though, anything can be turned into a controversy in england such is the nature of their side and their media but you cant start playing games defending yourself over nonsense like this take ashwin approach call the poms out for what they are and keep doing the same thing when you get another chance.

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That the stumping was a big part of the victory is a fair old reach
No doubt it will get more so as time passes

If anything it fired up their captain stokes for a huge run chase attempt
So piers is saying the English should get played a video about Aussie disrespect before the next meeting?

That should motivate them to win.

But the video was about a video of Johnny being run out played during lunch……..and while it motivated stokes. It didn’t motivate them enough to win

They win the second test (which was probably long gone by the Barstow incident) and they are actual winners not moral ones

Has piers lost his senses?


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