BBL Match 27 Adelaide Strikers v Perth Scorchers 1845hrs @ the Adelaide Oval

Who will win?

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I was referring to his captaincy but he's a good dependable bat as well.
Well I guess that expected when you take the best captain in the league with a guy who has never done it. Every side would fill that pinch in that same situation
Jhye Richardson

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The stupidest, riskiest training drill I ever saw when playing cricket (bear in mind it was 20 years ago) was when one of our best batters stopped using his feet. Our coach but him in the nets fully padded, but in bare feet, and started piffing balls at his feet. Not for ideal foot movement obviously - you aren't putting a bare foot towards the pitch of the ball - but just to get his feet moving again.

Darcy Short could use some drills like that.

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Geez, one bad game in the last 10 and the toys go fully out of the pram here.