BBL Match 29 Brisbane Heat v Hobart Hurricanes 1845hrs @ the Gabba

Who will win?

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What a strange game. Awesome bowling performance by the Hurricanes, then everything about that brief rain period disadvantaged them.

So much for the team batting 2nd being advantaged by rain affected games, everything about that fell in Brisbane's favour.

I'm starting to think this arbitrary assessment of "resources" is no better than the dumb rain rules we had in the 90s, especially when you consider that the Hurricanes win that if they have an extra wicket in hand during the rain break.

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Mate we've had a World cup semi final and a world cup final decided by these shitty rules.

So what that’s cricket it happens. Nothing will please everyone especially football fans who think players should play when it’s raining every second.

We didn’t lose the WC because of it- we lost it because we played horrific first up and picked a cooked captain
It’s so frustrating watching terrible decisions from supposedly senior players.

This comp is barely a contest outside of three teams, and even then I think Brisbane have been pretty fortunate on a few occasions this year.

Scorchers or Sixers will win it, as usual - Heat a possibility. But the other franchises are just horribly run.
David and Chaudhary were more to blame for throwing their wickets away with dumb slogs, at least one of them needed to be there at the end

They left it up to two tailenders at the end which is just asking for trouble.

David was worse least the last one was understandable with Dooley, Ellis and Meredith at the other end. David is just so dumb