BBL Game 1 Brisbane Heat v Melbourne Stars 1845hrs @ The Gabba

Who will win?

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Most batsman friendly ground in the competition with a dud bowling attack, what do you expect?

Besides, 220 is usually par at the GABBA
Only 1 side has posted 220+ at the GABBA in domestic T20 here batting first from 64 odd games.

180- 200 (Target mentioned by Khawaja) will be a very tough target for this Stars lineup tonight.

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he looks distracted tonight.

Im not sure how often he has been captain of sides in the past but he is a bit like Mitch Marsh- see ball, hit ball. You dont want captaincy to muddle with his mind and/or game.
A bit of pressure on him tonight trying to live up what he has done in India in the last month.Listening to him miked up in the past he seems to make a lot of sense.After cricket personally think he would be good on the commentary team.It seems his bowlers have let him down and might be to bigger task for Maxi to win this game with out help.

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