BBL Game 16 Brisbane Heat v Sydney Thunder 1845hrs @ the Gabba

Who will win?

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Heat have a young kid down as a local replacement player, don't think he will play and suspect CA are using this as a chance to have him training with the big boys in preparation for the u19 WC next month. His name is Callum Vidler, already bowling mid 140's at 17/18, similar build to Jhye Richardson. One to keep an eye on over the next 3 or 4 years. 20 wickets in 7 matches for the Aus u19's in the last year, huge potential if his body holds up.
Haydos and Ferg now regaling us with their horror stories of when they got hit in the plums.

Every batsmen knows what it is like at some stage, I got hit there two balls in a row in the nets once, that was the end of my net session.

I wasn't willing to risk a hat trick.
I'd have just ended my career

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Bangers can anchor an innings and thats why he was so valuable for the scorchers but you also need to send someone that can put the pressure back to the bowlers. Sangha isn’t that