BBL Match 22 Brisbane Heat v Sydney Sixers 1845hrs @ the Gabba

Who will win?

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Cricinfo 8:30PM Brisbane time

"That's it folks, this one is abandoned. So a point each for Heat and Sixers. We'll be back tomorrow for the Melbourne derby. Until then, it's goodnight"

Its probably a good result for both teams as it cements their spots in the Top 3.
it's currently 8:04pm in Brisbane... but all good

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Im pretty sure fans would rather a game than no game, even as an away supporter.

I think in the Melbourne Stars case, if you have a venue down the road against an interstate opposition, it sort of makes alot of sense to play at the Docklands if rain is likely to intervene.

Melbourne Stars have only got 4 home games at the MCG this season, you take 1 away from that- it becomes 3 MCG games. As a Perth fan - you are guaranteed 5 actual home games (where you know in the back of your mind), rain will never intervene.

Again your solution is play it at 2 teams home grounds. Unfair and you know it. It’s just unlucky it’s cricket who really cares about a few BBL mickie mouse games being affected just watch a Netflix show
Except all other outdoor sports play on when it rains

And? So what if you don’t like cricket there’s a very good solution don’t watch it. Don’t complain when some time is lost through weather it happens
Did we not just have an entire footy season in Perth? Mate get with the times.

Good luck selling memberships among other things. It happens some weather is around poor didums. Tomorrow is a new day and we actually need the rain you know been a humid month