Death Ride 2021 (Third time's a charm....hopefully)

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Johnny Bananas

Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 10, 2010
A sugar refinery
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
If it ends up like this I'd be happy. Hold the phone 10 & 18 would be better :D.
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I'm more optimistic than that. I honestly believe Goodwin is one of the worst head coaches in the competition and will underperform with the talent at his disposal yet again. It's a significant possibility that this pick will be higher than #10, and there won't be any high NGAs to bump us back in 2021. I think it's just Collingwood's F/S rated that highly.

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Premiership Player
Oct 13, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I think we need to deathride extra hard next season. We've been disappointing the last 2
I think we have to realise that nothing is ever going to come close to the magic of our first deathride of Port. The feeling when Polec lost them the elimination final was about as much happiness as I had watching footy between 2010-17.

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