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MC Bad Genius

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Apr 15, 2008
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Bit of a pedestrian episode this week. Like always there were some funny moments, but a lot of the jokes were pretty lame/obvious. Also, did anyone else feel it had too much of a repetitive momentum to it (i.e. Tom asks the question -> Someone makes a joke -> Someone answers correctly). Other weeks there is a lot more building up of jokes across different panel members and it breaks up the monotony of what is essentially a pretty experience of watching other people play trivia.

Rod Stroker

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Oct 9, 2003
Singapore / 30,000 feet
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North Melbourne
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Eagles (NFL), Suns (NBA)
I didn't mind it
Urzila is funny, so is dilruk
Ed is ed, the Hayley bird who is hosting the nz version had her moments
And anne's smack my bitch up answer was one of the all time great answers.
I didn't find Dilruk all that funny, some of his stuff was lame.

There was a much better dynamic the previous week because they were all bouncing off each other, Ed and Lloyd, Sam and Kitty, etc.
This week it just felt like 5 individuals doing their own thing without much chemistry.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 19, 2001
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I agree. Not enough chemistry, but still entertaining. I'm still in love with Urzila. Last week's episode will become a classic. I'm still laughing thinking about Lloyd.

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