NBA Week 14 & 15 - where the thread title lasts longer than Bruce Brown's Pacers career

Who is your under-the-radar spirit animal?

  • Derrick White is alright, and a big forehead just means a bigger brain

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • Isaiah Hartenstein is the archetypal dark horse. And not just because he's surprisingly black.

    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • Dean Wade is the everyman hero we need right now

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • I like it when a player sticks it to the Lakers, so Malik Beasley

    Votes: 3 30.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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Every starter besides Giannis went for a whopping 15-50. So wasn't just Dame.

The amount of open looks thats Giannis gave them as well was criminal. I respect Embiid & Jokic but Giannis is carrying the worst squad out of all the MVP candidates AND has no coach.

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Northy got a treadmill
About Time GIF
We just can't be trusted.

Home court 'advantage' doesn't apply for us.

Northy got a treadmill

I'm reliably informed that Northy is sewing his seed abroad for the next few days.

So, everyone has a grace period for fat jokes until he returns and cleans house.
Better not be an injury to Randle that would be a huge blow because since OG we are looking extremely strong.
lol holy s***. Embiid ducking us in Denver again HAHAHAHA.

Can’t wait to hear from some people in here 🤡
Heard that from the commentators in the Heat and Knicks game I couldn't believe it.

Embiid and Jokic is a great match up always wish we could see it more often.

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No Embiid, Maxey or Harris for the 76ers and Embiid has left knee soreness told by the medical staff.

Makes sense why even risk Embiid in this game when he isn't going to have any help but more important why risk aggravating the injury.

Nuggets easy win.
Things were just going too well for the Knicks. Really hoping that Julius injury isn't as bad as it looked.
That looked a classic pec injury for Randle

Not sure how long he is out for, but this roster is one starting guard away from being a legit contender, especially next year when Robinson is back.
Jock really looks like he'll be back in the NBL next season

Could be worse. He'd have to play like 80 years on an NBL salary to get paid the same as his 3 year NBA contract.
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