Traded North Melbourne trade their 1st 2024 EoR1 pick to Gold Coast for #18

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Kane McGoodwin

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May 21, 2001
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How can they trade the pick when it's being reviewed in 2024?

From afl website:

The AFL has given the Kangaroos three first-round picks over two years to help build their draft hand.

This year's pick will come at the end of the first round, while next year's two picks will also be placed at the end of the first round. The 2024 picks are subject to review next year.
That's exactly why they are trading the future compo picks... so the AFL can't take them back!

Johnny Bananas

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Sep 10, 2010
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Do GCS not understand that the goal is to improve their draft hand not make it worse ?
Presumably they have enough points already to cover where they expect their four academy players to be bid on this year. They have a good prospect next year that they will also need points for.

Lot of talent on the Gold Coast these days, both in our game and rugby league.


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Jan 27, 2008
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The GC trade favors North on paper. I have little doubt that it came with a nod that they bid on Walter at 3 instead of 2.

Good deal by both clubs and smart. GWS and Brisbane did a similar pick trade swap last year that favored GWS and lo and behold a month later they didn't bid on Ashcroft before Cadman.

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