Coach Open letter to Ken Hinkley: Thank you for all the good you did at PAFC

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It used to hurt
Sep 18, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Ken. For when the time comes that you decide to call it a day, thank you for the good you did at PAFC

We were broken when you arrived, and you gave us hope, pride, reason to believe and some truly, truly exciting moments. With ups and downs along the way we almost got there

There is no shame that it's not going to plan anymore, nor that the animosity and uncomfortable environment will not improve with another season or 2. Life is about enjoyment, not fighting daily to win prizes that in the scheme of things don't matter. There is nothing to be gained by proving haters wrong because they hated the last guys and will eventually hate the next guys. That's football!

With all the coaches merry-go-round happening at this moment and Assistant Coaches renewals due by Monday if you could make the decision this week to hang up the stopwatch and clip-board it will be really helpful for the club.

You'll be remembered for going out gracefully, on your terms- on top really, leaving a legacy of what is a great team ready to move onto their next phase. A team who by all reports, do like you.

Thank you Ken. Rock hard vs GWS and like Peter Sellers in the closing sequence to Being is a state of mind,

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