List Mgmt. 2019 Trading Rumours - summary updated 16/10

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Apr 24, 2013
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(Update) THREAD SUMMARY @ 16/10/19

Poster Rumours-

The acurate one : 0
Zak Jones (Syd) to North
Jayden Hunt (Mel) to North

Chadwiko : 0
Brad Hill (Freo) to North

Ahern2Boof : 0
Mystery Player (Port) to North
Note: Dougal Howard was linked to north after this so mail looked good

5 GB USB : +1
Heath Scotland to North as New Development Coach

Fact not Fiction : +1
Todd Goldstein to remain at North (27/8)
Papley -not- to North
A swan to north.. A swan not to north
Elliott not to north
Taranto not to north
North "concentration will be totally on draft"

Scottroo: 0
Papley pref north but trade impasse
North chasing Frost
North chasing Howard

roos_fanatic08: 0
North still in Papley chase 27/9
Interest in Cutler
No offer to Keath

northman: +1
Papley to Carlton 25/9
North Melbourne "big deal" looming on last day 15/10


This thread is dedicated to tabling rumors & outcomes in order to collate the credibility of journo's.

It isn't set up to discuss trades, just as a place to log them and discuss the actual outcomes.

Please whack any trade rumors in here.

Rumor 1: Shaun Higgins to Geelong - Tom Browne

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Mar 31, 2016
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Aug 16, 2009
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The dimensions of the SCG wouldn't suit him too well.

It's never been a good ground for high forwards.

The MCG & Optus (Perth) are ready made for him.
Fair call. I still think with better ball delivery he’d kick arse. We almost play him as a second CHF. Doesn’t take enough contested grabs. Gets his body and hands to everything but doesn’t hold em. Should be an out and out star.

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