List Mgmt. 2023 Staying or Going? - Delistings

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The Dingrel

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 25, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Brisbane Bandits
Just quietly, Howe was easily our best performer in the SUB role this year, and had solid form at VFL level when he wasn’t best 22.

Turner played reasonable roles in all 3 of our wins this year, sets standards at training and is in the right age range.

I know everyone is desperate for these guys to be supplanted by superior players, and they will be - very quickly - but we’re going into next year having lost BMac, Cunnington, Ziebell and Goldstein.

If one of both of them get retained for another year to have a bit of stability at the club I can live with it.
Stop it, this isn’t the place for common sense and well supported factual arguments.


Enjoy mellow coffee & live a petty bourgeois life.
Mar 31, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Realistically, the only way to improve a team is to identify players who aren't able to compete at the level above their opponents, who are unable to deliver in the roles assigned or who are of a similar profile with others on the list AND who's contacts are up for renewal / able to be paid out with little pain.

These guys lived the dream for a time. Good luck to them and any others that join them over the next few days. There's no need to kick them on the way out.

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Rob in Cologne

Bring back LT
Jan 27, 2009
AFL Club
North Melbourne
That’s 9 players out, assuming we don’t match McKay - and if he wants away we don’t want him.
With Logue injured, Bonar may get a reprieve (break glass in emergency).
Turner works his butt off and I love him, players voted him in leadership too. As others have said he is a role player. Jack Mahoney has had injuries and did his shoulder in a contest with Zak Butters. Unless anyone in the 50s in the draft looks better Clarko might think he’s worth keeping. In the coaches we must trust 🙏
I’d be for bringing in 4-5 in the first 20 drafted, using next year’s PP where possible. After that where do we get another 4-5? Perhaps Clarko is trading someone in? That still means 2-3 Rookie picks.

Scallop Industry Thug

2008-2010 wasn't me.
Sep 21, 2004
AFL Club
Howe and Turner should be gone.

But I think that due to the dearth of hardened bodies in that age range, they might need to be on the list.

Makeshift Park

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 6, 2021
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I guess it numerically makes sense to keep Bonar, Mahony, Turner and Howe for the time being.

38 on the main list minus Goldy, Cunners, Ziebell, Hall, Mckay, Young, Perez, Spicer = 30 players.

Add George, that's 31 players. Meaning there's room for 7 more.

Take Edwards from the rookie list, and there's only space for 1 more there.

So as things stand, we have space for 8 new players.

Meanwhile we have 2, 3, 15 and 20 in the first round.
41 and 53 in the third.
61 in the fourth.
Plus 19 and 20 next year.

The fourth rounder is probably useless unless its a token pick in a salary dump.

So there are 8 vacancies for the 8 picks.


Brownlow Medallist
Jul 5, 2010
Moist island
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Who was it that was going to explode if Turner wasn’t exited?
Half this board. Turner must do some right. Perhaps he is first to show last to leave, perhaps players like Baily scott have trained harder because of his leadership? There is something there inside the 4 walls why he keeps getting a gig. Obviously not ripping up the footy field, but is better to have around than not.


Pretty pretty goooood!
Mar 14, 2002
Gasometer Wing
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Maybe Turner has footballing genius whose footy IQ outweighs his physical capabilities? He could be the next Clarko?

In real life it’s clear he runs and runs and runs putting opponents under pressure

On the hand he looks a bit like Bailey Fritsch so AC thinks he might start playing like him


Premium Platinum
Aug 13, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Cannot move on Bonar until we have some idea what we are doing with our key defenders. He is not a KP defender but has shown he can at least compete, even against the likes of McKay. Mahoney, Turner and Howe have plenty of competition.

This may change by the end of the trade period but haven't heard many names yet. Corr and Dawson are it right now.
I get that but how useful is it to keep him on the list when he has played 25 games in 5 years and just 2 games this year. I would rather have someone who can actually get on the park.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 21, 2008
AFL Club
North Melbourne
2023…gets extra rookie list spots, proceeds to waste said rookie list spots on limited D grade players (Howe & Turner). Despite having no Key Position depth on the list.

2024….gets extra rookie lists spots, proceeds to do the same thing again despite the two above players showing zero notable improvement.

And we wonder why we are a ******* shitshow on the field.

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