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Sep 7, 2007
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Not sure if anyone saw it (I recorded and only just watched it), but there were a lot of really good Lions segments on 7's pre game program, "The Kick".

Not sure where one could find it though.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 12, 2016
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I took that as a pot shot at the Broncos.
Until I read your post, I took it more as a dig at the Old Lions of the Golden Era?
I hear they didn’t mind a drink after the games in the good old days!
The game has changed a fair bit since then, especially in regards to professionalism!


In Fagan we trust.
Jun 1, 2008
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The Brisbane Lions have been made aware of a supporter racially vilifying forward Allen Christensen via social media on Saturday night.

The comment, made via a private Facebook group, goes against the values the Club stands for and will not be tolerated in any form. It has been established that the individual, while they identify as a Lions supporter, they are not a member of the club.

The individual will be barred from becoming a member of the Club in the future, unless they can demonstrate they have participated in appropriate cultural awareness training and the Club is convinced they have learnt from this terrible mistake.
Unbelievable. :thumbsdown:


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 28, 2015
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