Unofficial Preview Lions v Demons AFLW Grand Final

Who were your five best players against Melbourne?

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Premium Platinum
Jan 13, 2016
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Frustrated by the fact we got our hands on it plenty then just kicked long straight into their defensive net time and time again with not intervention.

Dees were good but we had our chances.


Umpiring was horrific.
I thought the ump were very so so but the Dees deserved to win (really hurts to say that by the way)


Club Legend
Apr 12, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
The ump called played on because he's a ******* moron before an ump off the play made the correct decision
When there is someone on the mark with their hands on their air and someone is stationary looking downfield with the ball - probably reasonable signs it’s free.

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 23, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Outcoached and outplayed today IMO, but it was still close. We had our chances in the last half but just couldn't do it. Melbourne played very defensively and were mostly playing extras behind the ball. Also, they refused to release the ball to the outside when tackled unless they had a clear out. Stoppage after stoppage slowly moving their way most of the time. Their rucks walked backwards into Hickie and disrupted her leap, which nullified her game. Plenty for the players and coaches to think about over summer.

My final bugbear is when forwards press too far down the field (both AFL and AFLW) and the ball gets kicked over their head to a spare player or 1 on 2, 1 on 3 etc. Happened a lot of the day and even a few times in the last few minutes. Forwards need to keep their structure up the field, especially when you are less than a goal behind late in a game.

Anyway, I have enjoyed this season and look forward to seeing some games at Springfield and Gabba next year.


Feb 27, 2007
The Phon
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Brisbane Lions
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Luton Town
Our footy club is raising the standards of the comp - sometimes, that's gonna suck.

But, over time as a club, we improve year on year....and there's not much wrong with that, 1-4 in GF or not :D

Section 5

Premiership Player
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Back home from the game
Crowd 7412 which exceeded the only GF played in Melbourne being 7083. So, that's a win of sorts
The ground was in excellent order and the day went off smoothly for the AFL/AFLW
Possibly needed more food trucks
However not knowing if the venue would be used until 1 week before, likely limited who would commit for the day

We started okay and kicked our only 2 goals of the game before 1/4 time aided by a slight breeze
Dakota's miss on the 1/2 time siren was costly. Maybe did not costs us the game. But a good opportunity missed.

I found the players switching the ball to the opposite side a lot during the game was a tactic that just did not pay off
It is a hard one to get right in the AFLW (even AFL) as this needs to be done quickly, along with long accurate kicks
Would have been to instructions and failed in my opinion
We needed to open the game up (without switching) but were unable to get this style of play going all day. Credit to Melbourne there.

It never felt to me like we were going to take that game away from Melbourne
You were hopeful but we just did not look likely to score a goal.

Full credit to Melbourne for getting the win away from home
I don't think the umpiring changed the result in any way. Lions ended up winning the frees by 1
A lot of the stats were equal but one glaring number was inside 50's favored Melbourne 28 to 19
In a very low scoring game 9 shots on goal to 5 also Melbourne's way

It will be a very long 9 months offseason for the ladies.


Brownlow Medallist
Oct 13, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams

turned the radio on to 612(Brisbane) after the game and all I hear is "Daisy Pearce, Daisy Pearce.......... yada yada yada"

It's bad enough listening the worship and adoration from the Melbourne media without their Brisbane counterparts joining in the wankfest.:mad:


Club Legend
Jan 12, 2021
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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South Adelaide
Sad Oh No GIF by My Pride The Series


Bears/Lions hybrid
Oct 6, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams

Umpiring terrible.

We had trouble controlling the ball when it fell our way.

Angry that they get another fking win.


Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2002
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
NHFC demons & SH/SB sharks
Poor game by both teams really , 2 goals each ? Too many losses in finals for my liking


The Lions Women...roaring into 2022
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I don't know what sort of a reception this will get but that game was brutal to watch. Just not an enjoyable spectacle in any shape or form. Only thing that kept me there were that the scores were close. many dumb decisions made.

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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 13, 2001
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
What the hell was that post match comment about by DP "and we don't give cars away to players that come to us"?

Sounds an awful lot like a heavy inference about rorting the system

Then there was that ungracious dig about us inviting the "wrong team" to our "housewarming"

Talk about a poor winner.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 12, 2016
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
My take on the game yesterday.
After quarter time our girls were pretty much comprehensively outplayed.
The forward line was dominated and our midfield were always second to the ball and were unable to get the ball forward as a result.
The backline held up really well especially after Koenan was injured.
Melbourne just seemed to be a bit more desperate on the day.
The Taylor Harris goal in the 3rd term, I am not sure how it come across on the tv but it was right in front of me and I felt it was touched off the kick and shouldn’t have been a mark.
But such is life.
Was a great year for the girls and unfortunately fell at the last hurdle again.
Was a big week for them with all that happened in the lead up and it may have been a bit too much in the end.
Good luck next year Girls, we still luv yas.
Go Lions 🦁
On the the draft now.


Premium Platinum
Aug 15, 2009
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I missed the awards ceremony yesterday but I only found out this morning by reading the paper that Campbell got best on ground honours. So well done to her anyway for a huge effort. Shame about the vomiting though.

Sensational Shannon: Lions defender earns BOG honours in losing GF

IN A competition first, stalwart Brisbane defender Shannon Campbell has been named best on ground in Sunday's Grand Final despite being a part of the losing side.

LIONS v DEMONS Full match coverage and stats

Campbell was immense down back, registering 562m gained from 19 disposals, taking eight marks, and winning nine intercepts.
She won with 12 of a possible 15 votes ahead of Eliza West (11) and Natalie Grider (three).

Part of Brisbane's inaugural side in 2017, Campbell walked to the stage exhausted apologising.

"Sorry if I don't talk very well, I've been over there just nearly vomiting," Campbell said.

Brisbane coach Craig Starcevich had nothing but praise for his tough defender post-game.

"She was amazing," Starcevich said.

"Just you know courage to read (and) intercept was fantastic, she was clean you know that little period there ... maybe the third quarter where she was picking them off around the arc and sending them back in. We looked dangerous while she was in that frame of mind.

"It'll be you know, cold comfort to her that she's done that in a losing team, but she can hold her head up like most of our players. They've all had some pretty good years so yeah, just tough that the season finishes on a day like this."

Meanwhile Melbourne captain Daisy Pearce, who spent much of the day battling it out with Campbell, sang the Lion's praises.

"She's a really good defender, she's hard to beat one-on-one ... just a bit of a brick wall and hard to penetrate and I certainly had a tough day against her.

"She had some incredible moments today as a defender. All credit to her she's an underrated sort of understated operator."

Final votes
12 - Shannon Campbell, Brisbane Lions - 3, 3, 2, 2, 2
11 - Eliza West, Melbourne - 3, 3, 2, 2, 1
3 - Natalie Grider, Brisbane Lions - 3
3 - Olivia Purcell, Melbourne - 1, 1, 1
1 - Cathy Svarc, Brisbane Lions - 1

Monkey Daniel

Club Legend
Nov 4, 2007
G Town aka Sleepy Hollow
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Didn’t see the game as we were heading to New Zealand.
Even though she plays for Melbourne, I’m rapt for Lily Mithen.
First saw her play against my son in the U14’s you could tell she would be a pretty good player, she won the league B&F that year too for the division she played in (against boys)
At the time, there was no pathway for girls as they got older, now there is !