Oppo Camp Opposition supporters say the strangest things

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Jack The Godfather

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Feb 16, 2007
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I didn't say Enright was overrated because Cyril kicked 6 on him, I said Enright was overrated because he was carried by superior teammates for the entirety of his career and that Rioli kicking 6 on him was a perfect illustration of that.

As soon as Geelong's midfield dominance fell away (the year they finished 10th for instance) Enright was exposed as a mediocre 1 on 1 player, as many defenders often are if the boys upfield aren't putting enough pressure on the ball carrier. He was a pretty good player utterly undeserving of more than one or two AA awards, but unfortunately his reputation was such that the panel would automatically vote him in every year. Some of those years the decision to gift him another one were almost Nick Maxwell or Harry O'Brien-esque in their ridiculousness. With clueless muppets like Gerard Healy on the panel that's to be expected I guess.

Enright probably dreamed of being as damaging with ball in hand as a genuine champion like Grant Birchall or as effective at nullifying small forwards as Ben Stratton, but sadly not just any defender can reach those rarefied heights.
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Cezz The Catter

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Aug 24, 2015
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Also saw a post the other day comparing Judd and Ablett, a Carlton patriot gave Judd the nod (of course) because he got more contested possessions even though their career averages were virtually identical. Seemed to completely ignore the fact that Ablett averaged 2 more uncontested possessions and virtually doubled Judds Goals, who am I to argue though.

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