B Section Premier B - 2023

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God Yeah

All Australian
Feb 20, 2007
AFL Club
Any match reports from Beaumaris / De La ?

Nothing from me as I was at the MCG - from reports of those at the ground De La did exceptionally well to even get into the contest after being blown away early. A couple of more minutes in normal time and they might of won.

Credit should go to Beaumaris as they were the better team on the day and most likely deserved to win.

Another season in Prem B is probably a really good outcome for De La. Would have been uncompetitive in A next season.

With Old Ivanhoe winning in C, it's time to head out to Pine Lodge for the first time in a number of years.


Club Legend
Sep 19, 2011
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Any match reports from Beaumaris / De La ?
Was a high quality free flowing game. DLS found themselves 35 points down early in the 3rd but managed to pull it back to a manageable margin by ¾ time. Beauy always looked the most likely and still led by 23 points halfway through the last Q but DLS kicked 4 late goals, including the leveller with just seconds on the clock. Beaumaris kicked the only goal of extra time through a questionable free kick, but on balance they were the better side on the day and despite their points troubles, are clearly the second-best team in B grade this year.

They should easily account for Fitzroy next week. Will give St Bernards a run but the Snow dogs should prevail in the GF. Beauy v Fitzroy in the prelim guarantees a district side in A grade next year. Good result and shows what’s possible. If Beaumaris make the GF, this will be their third promotion to 'A' grade since 2012.

Would love to have won a final but as God Yeah said we are miles of being a competitive 'A' grade club just yet.

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