Toast Welcome Ollie Lord - Pick #49 2020 National Draft

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Mar 1, 2014
South of Scotland
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Port Adelaide
Dragons forward Ollie Lord has always loved a challenge.
Lord played spent the majority of his junior football career at the Caulfield Bears where he played up multiple age groups to test himself, before moving to East Brighton in U15’s to seek a better standard.

The 195cm prospect is as pure as they come in terms of genuine full forwards, boasting outstanding athleticism and a vice-like grip.

“My biggest strength would be my marking, especially on the lead,” he said.

But Lord is not a one trick pony – displaying a far greater skillset than merely being an aerial threat.

“I pride myself on making good decisions when the ball is on the ground and my follow up work,” he said.
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Long live PAFC

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Sep 25, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Intriguing pick. Just haven’t seen enough of him to know where he sits. Strong mark and seems to make good decisions but haven’t seen enough of his goal kicking. He is in that group of forwards that you could throw a blanket over (Kolar, Rosman, etc).

I wonder where the club sees him; Dixon replacement at CHF or perhaps a backman with his good hands?

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