Player Watch #34 Marty Hore: Hey that Rhymes!

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Feb 15, 2015
Port Melbourne
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Writing off Salem, Gawn took a while to get going, Salem has at least been consistent since the season started
Gawn then Salem would be our b and f top two at present I think.

Gawn standards are amazing - supporters don’t pick him out for attention every week because we’ve come to expect a great Gawn through past experience. He won our game against Sydney. Jones played well and I was happy for him and all, and he was the talk of the week from media etc. but exceptional Gawn actually won the thing. He very nearly won against West Coast at home too. He would have also if he could have relied on a handful of teammates to keep helping out in the 4th.

Also, while drunk admittedly, my recollection of the GWS game was literally Gawn v GWS. The bloke is a legend and deserves better than us, but fortunately the big dumb beard seems a loyal type.


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Sep 26, 2012
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He is very good, he's somewhat similar to Langdon. I was hoping the pies would take him and I dont often hope we take players from our VFL team
Sorry about tooting my own horn here but it was pretty obvious he was a class above our VFL players including the ones that were AFL listed over the last 2 years... really annoyed we didn’t pick him up when we had the chance, he’s killing it for my SuperCoach at least. Thought he was one of your best players today/yesterday
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