3rd Ashes Test England v Australia July 6-10 1930hrs @ Headingley

Who will win?

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Could Green Open?

Nice defence, stolid attitude....

Takes the pressure off to score quickly at 6...
Potentially. Greg Chappell reckons he is a once in a generation batter. (Who happens to bowl a bit). Let's be honest, he has had a better start to his Test career than Steve Waugh. It took Waugh quite awhile to find himself as a batter. 1989 Ashes in England I reckon. Like Green, his bowling kept him in the side early doors.

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Played footy. I’d assume you get worse boos in footy than cricket. This is barely anything compared to that

He used to play footy in front of about 47 people. This is definitely going to be a different experience for him. He is a very cool character though, I don't think he'll be too affected.

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This is Carey's chance to really stand up with the bat. We are one good partnership away from taking this game away. But if we roll over after tea we could be in trouble
Yep. Match precariously placed. One good partnership could break them. But a collapse lets them back in.