Prediction Changes for Collingwood - Rd 19

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Team Captain
Mar 10, 2021
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
A touch dramatic and ridiculous mate.
Yeah it's because I'm trying to keep from insulting him. I would put my self in the Marshall lovers camp, but the game against Melbourne I saw sh*t that I can no longer defend. He has looked like a first gamer out there over the last couple of weeks. Call me a hater it doesn't change the fact he has played worse than Butcher ever did. Except unlike Butch Marshall holds a gold pass.


Club Legend
Mar 22, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Liverpool FC, Carolina Panther's
Played possibly his best.ever game last week. What message would we be sending dropping him after that? We need you to work on these areas - he does that and then gets dropped?
We’ll see if he backs it up tomorrow. Not too worried now that I think about it, he’ll make way for someone once we get a few players back from injury

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Capital Power

Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 31, 2005
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Cronulla Sharks
I think I would have dropped Marshall ahead of Lienert but I can see how this gives us more balance and flexibility. Stoked to see our ins. Been a long season...


Premiership Player
Apr 25, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
All depends how they play Marshall on whether he scores goals. Marshall scoring or not scoring goals is not the sole determinant. He is in the team and I will back him.

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