Toast How can this Melbourne side be stopped?

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The answer is clearly to let Steven May get pissed and punch a teammate in the teeth.
It’s never been harder to back up another year. You must take your chance. Even teams like Brisbane and Geelong that are there abouts most of the time of late can’t get close. Hardly over for the Dees but need to pull the finger out a bit.
We will see if this is just a blip or part of a greater malaise.

Additional rumours about Goodwin going around I’ve heard which would be super destabilising if true.
Feel free to PM

Something isn't right atm. Not just a footy issue.
I feel like it's pretty easy to pile onto a side in a losing patch especially if it's the reigning premiers. It's better they're playing like this now and take the learning from a few losses than try and deal with it when it matters at the end of the season. BUT if things continue like this it means their off-field s**t is a seriously big problem.

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Tipped Pies we are cooked. Thank god we won last year because we won’t make top 4 this year.

That’s the other thing, even if they were cooked. No one can take away a flag no matter how many astrix people try to create or lay the boots in. Many teams wish they had just one recent flag or at all.

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