Rumour Kylie Minogue AFL grand final entertainment (EDIT: KISS to perform at the 'G)

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. This should be the entertainment (if not the national anthem)

lol I grew up next door to one of the members of The Drugs.

Not sure why people are pretending on hating on Kylie - she has the club song of the moment; I even heard it twice at the same venue on Saturday. Hopefully they get her next year, now that she's back living in Melbourne.
AFL needs to cherish Mike Brady while we still can. Make him entertainment and just play on Up There Cazaly on repeat.

Imagine how hyped the crowd will be when we get to the last repeat
Footy’s version of the Rosary?

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Russell Robertson plays guitar...
I was watching an old episode of Spicks and Specks and one of the questions was where was Kylie's first ever live performance? Turned out it was at a fundraiser for the Fitzroy Football Club.

I think it follows then that Fitzroy were better at attracting famous talent in the 80s than the AFL is today.
Is Robbie even alive still? Surely we can do better 🤦‍♀️
how dare you GIF
Gratuitous Margot Robbie gif opportunity. Too many? Nah.
Margot Robbie Champagne GIF
margot robbie snl GIF by Saturday Night Live
Margot Robbie GIF
margot robbie leo GIF
margot robbie focus GIF
margot robbie GIF
Leonardo Dicaprio Dancing GIF by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
While we are talking Margot Robbie….thoughts on Barbie? Didn’t rate personally. I left kinda scratching my head thinking wtf did I just watch.

Only thing I remember is great teeth 🤷🏼‍♀️

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